Listed below are some of the concerns most commonly brought up by clients. I have listed a few thoughts on typical ways we approach the issue. Again, keep in mind, we will complete an individualized assessment with treatment goals suited to your particular needs. This is just to give you some ideas about how these areas might be handled.

Parenting - our main goal here is to have an environment where the adults convey a loving but controlled approach. I work on the premise that the point of parenting is to raise responsible adults who can be independent in the world. The parent’s job is to provide the structure children (and especially adolescents) need to make good choices when learning how to be independent. We will create a workable plan that families can follow when targeting this goal.

Couples therapy is done with an approach that will respectfully consider both people’s opinions and get to the root of the problem. I do not wear a striped shirt or carry a whistle as I am not a referee. I do not decide who is right and who is wrong. I help clients find a way to resolve conflicts together and understand the other’s viewpoint.

Stress and anger management are common reasons people cite for starting therapy. Many of the physicians that I consult with say they are seeing an increase in both. Together we will utilize multiple techniques that will tap into many perspectives and not just rely on one method or technique to help you feel you have a better grip on things.

Addiction recovery work is complex and multi faceted. Staying sober is a lifelong challenge. When clients come into therapy to help maintain their sobriety, typically our work will include owning the behavior (which has nothing to do with blame), creating a relapse prevention plan, and determining how to best repair the damage that was caused by the addiction.

Career counseling is an area where I can use my experience as an outplacement counselor. My corporate HR experience as a Recruiter and Management coach will also come into play to help you set and achieve your career goals.

Divorce recovery process (because it is a process, not an event) focuses on the necessary grieving, rebuilding of self esteem and creation of a healthier person. You will be stronger by virtue of having gone through this experience. Where applicable, we can also look at the ways you can help your children through this process.

Self improvement concerns (the majority of any counseling practice) for people who feel something is just not right and they want to get more meaning out of their day to day activities. This is typically a fascinating journey as we explore your life and create the existence you want.