Listed below are some frequently asked questions about therapy. If you don’t see your question answered here and are still contemplating coming into therapy, give me a call and we can discuss your concerns.

Q  How often and/or how long will I need to come to therapy?

After 3-4 sessions I will put together an assessment which includes the factors contributing to your situation, a sum diagnostic impression (a summary of what you are dealing with now), therapy recommendations, and short term and long term goals. At that time we will agree on the goals, frequency and time frame for therapy. Different problems need different times to resolve. Level of insight and willingness to make changes also has an impact both on how long therapy takes and how effective it will be.

Q  How much does it cost?

My fees are listed in the paperwork you fill out when you start and on this website under “policies.” They are also printed on the receipt you get at the end of each session. The first session is $150. After that, individual sessions are $130 and couple/family sessions are $120.

I am an in-network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Choice and Aetna. For all other insurance providers, you pay me and I file with the insurance as an out of network provider. Different insurance companies offer different levels of out of network coverage, and you will be reimbursed by your insurance company accordingly.

Q  Q: How does therapy work?

The simple answer is that we work together to identify what is bothering you and where you are struggling. Then we make a plan to address those areas and continually check our progress toward the goals.

The more complicated answer is that you as a client develop a much better understanding of “what makes you tick” and why you react and handle things the way you do. My job is to gently nudge you toward healthier behavior. Bottom line: it is a partnership. That’s why I emphasize what is known as the therapeutic relationship. I firmly believe that nothing happens without it.

What I don’t do: Give advice, solve your problems for you, tell you what to do. That’s disrespectful and assumes you have no power. You’d be amazed how powerful you can be.

Q  What if I need medication?

I am not a physician and therefore cannot give medical advice or write prescriptions. However I have several psychiatrists with whom I work closely. I will refer you for a psychiatric evaluation (it is not as bad as it sounds!) and that MD will determine if meds are necessary and if so, which ones. You will continue to see me for therapy and the psychiatrist for medication management.

Q  What hours are you in the office?
Monday Naperville 1PM – 8PM
Tuesday Oak Brook 10AM – 4PM
Wednesday Naperville 1PM – 8PM
Thursday Naperville 10AM – 5PM
Friday Oak Brook 10AM – 4PM