How To Know When To See A Counselor

Everyone struggles now and then. Life is a challenge – some days more than others! But how do you know when this is more than day to day stress and that you need professional help dealing with your challenges?

Listed below are some tips on what to look for to indicate you could probably benefit from seeing a therapist.

  • Feeling overwhelmed by even a minor setback or challenge
  • If you believe others (including those closest to you) are personally and specifically challenging you (i.e., “pushing your buttons”)
  • If you had no healthy role models for parenting
  • Feeling like things are just spiraling out of control despite your best efforts to manage them
  • If you tend to get feedback from others that your reaction to things is “out of line” or “over the top.”
  • If you feel yourself losing interest in things, or that things you used to enjoy no longer seem appealing to you

If you are experiencing feelings like these, it would probably be a good idea to visit a professional therapist for help in sorting things out.